Using the Teaching and Learning Cycle to Develop IEPs Workshop

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October 2023 Starts Ends Virtual
Thursday , October 12, 2023 04:00 PM (Eastern) 05:30 PM (Eastern) Yes

Workshop Details

Focus on how The Learning Framework in Number provides critical information empowering educators to:

  • identify students' current mathematical strengths and needs
  • create actionable annual goals around mathematical ideas that are connected to important ideas in future grades and
  • measure progress around these goals

Participants will practice writing portions of the IEP and discuss data collection.

Workshop Prerequisites

Prerequisite Option 1

  1. Add+VantageMR® 1

Prerequisite Option 2

  1. Add+VantageMR® 1 Virtual

Prerequisite Option 3

  1. Add+VantageMR® 1 Virtual - LAUSD

Prerequisite Option 4

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1

Prerequisite Option 5

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1 - LAUSD

Prerequisite Option 6

  1. MRIS Update to White Book

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