Addition and Subtraction to 100: Phase 2/3 Instruction Workshop

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February 2024 Starts Ends Virtual
Tuesday , February 20, 2024 12:45 PM (Pacific) 02:15 PM (Pacific) Yes

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Workshop reserved for Spokane Public WA.

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Dive deep into Instruction Phase 2 and 3 for Addition and Subtraction to 100. We will discuss supporting students in devising strategies to solve addition and subtraction and progressively mathematize their thinking. Participants will practice using the tools needed to help students progress through each phase.

Workshop Prerequisites

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  1. Add+VantageMR® 2

Prerequisite Option 2

  1. Add+VantageMR® 2 Virtual

Prerequisite Option 3

  1. Add+VantageMR® 2 Virtual - LAUSD

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