Mastering Mini Ten-Frames in Domain 3D Workshop

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August 2024 Starts Ends Virtual
Tuesday , August 20, 2024 03:30 PM (Mountain) 05:00 PM (Mountain) Yes

Workshop Details

Employ the 3D Addition and Subtraction to 100 teaching charts to facilitate their practice of integrating mini ten-frames across all stages. The core emphasis will revolve around presenting exercises that aid students in employing jump and split strategies for double-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Through collaborative efforts, participants will engage in task practice and question formulation geared towards enhancing their student support capabilities. This workshop is best suited for those who have taken or are currently taking MRSp2.

Workshop Prerequisites

Prerequisite Option 1

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1

Prerequisite Option 2

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1 - LAUSD

Prerequisite Option 3

  1. MRIS Update to White Book

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