Focusing on Flexible Addition/Subtraction Strategies Workshop

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September 2024 Starts Ends Virtual
Wednesday , September 4, 2024 11:00 AM (Central) 12:30 PM (Central) Yes

Workshop Details

Participants will explore the purpose of phase 4 of the 3D teaching chart. They will work in small groups to create task strings that could engender the use of flexible mental strategies for two-digit addition and subtraction. In their small groups, participants will also create a list of questions that could be used in their instruction to help students see and use number relationships. This workshop is best suited for those who have taken or are currently taking MRSp2.

Workshop Prerequisites

Prerequisite Option 1

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1

Prerequisite Option 2

  1. Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1 - LAUSD

Prerequisite Option 3

  1. MRIS Leader Update to White Book

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