Merging Knowledge and Practice: A convergence of Math Recovery® researchers and practitioners to deepen our knowledge and refine our practice!

Join us at the 2017 US Math Recovery Council® National Conference and Annual Business Meeting on October 23-26, 2017 in Bloomington, MN. We are developing an enriching and exciting program that includes well-known keynote speakers, as well as giving several opportunities for you to share your wealth of knowledge and ideas with your peers. Please see the links below to submit proposals today! Bookmark this page and come back often as we publicize announcements and update information on the conference. We hope to see you at the conference in October!

Math Recovery® 2017 National Conference
Meet Minneapolis - Mississippi Riverfront in the Fall Photo Credit: Brandon Vasquez Courtesy of Meet Minneapolis /


Conference Rates

Download the rates table for detail pricing structure, dates for early bird pricing, and information on how to receive member rates for the US Math Recovery® 2017 National Conference.

Conference Schedule

Download the conference schedule for the US Math Recovery® 2017 National Conference. The conference schedule includes information on titles, topics, presenter names, and special activities. Check back often for up-to-date speaker information.

Book Hotel Rooms & Airport Shuttle

Dates: October 23-26, 2017

Location: HILTON Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport / Mall of America

3800 American Boulevard East
Bloomington, MN 55425

Book your hotel room at the HILTON Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN (address above). Access hotel reservations by clicking here, US Math Recovery® Hilton reservation webpage. Or you may call the HILTON directly at (952) 854-2100 and mention US Math Recovery® Conference to receive the special group rate. Complimentary shuttle transfers to and from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and Mall of America will be provided from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Upon landing at the airport, call the HILTON (952) 854-2100 to notify the dispatcher of your arrival. Please schedule your airport return trip with the bellman ahead of time.

Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Les Steffe, Dr. Bob Wright, Dr. Amy Hackenberg, and Dr. Anderson Norton will be presenting keynote addresses and breakout sessions during the 2017 US Math Recovery Council® Conference. Dr. Les Steffe, renowned math education researcher, author, professor, and mentor from the University of Georgia will provide the first keynote, Children’s Fraction Schemes: A Revolution in “School Mathematics”.

We are fortunate that each of the featured keynote speakers will be presenting cutting-edge research related to Math Recovery®. Each speaker will also be offering a breakout session which will run twice during the conference. See biographies and pictures for each keynote speaker below.

Please see the Conference Schedule for more information regarding these and other conference sessions.

Les Steffe
Les Steffe, Ph.D

After spending three years as a Research Associate at the R&D for Cognitive Learning at UW-Madison, Dr. Les Steffe joined the Mathematics Education Department at University of Georgia in 1967. This was during the heady time of the Modern Mathematics movement and its rational idealism. Ernst von Glasersfeld and Les mounted the constructivist research program, Interdisciplinary Research on Number [IRON], to counter the regressive behaviorism of the 1970’s that followed the era of Modern Mathematics. IRON launched the constructivist movement of the 1980's and 1990's with its emphasis on students' mathematical thinking and learning and mathematical communication. Les continues to work with researchers who participate in an expanded and progressive constructivist research program in order to maintain it as a major force in mathematics education as well as a counter force to the neo-behaviorism of outcome-based education.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Wright
Robert Wright, Ph.D

Dr. Robert (Bob) Wright is an adjunct professor in mathematics education at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia and is an internationally recognized leader in assessment and instruction related to children's numerical knowledge and strategies, publishing four books (Sage), and many articles and papers in this field. His work in the last 20 years has included the development of the Learning Framework in Number and the Mathematics Recovery Programme which have been widely used in many countries and applied extensively to classroom teaching and to average and high-attainers, as well as low-attainers. Bob has conducted several research projects funded by the Australian Research Council focusing on assessment and instruction related to children's learning of whole number arithmetic, the most recent of which focused on assessment and intervention in the number learning of low-attaining 8—10-year-olds.

Dr. Amy J. Hackenberg
Amy Hackenberg, Ph.D

Dr. Amy J. Hackenberg taught middle and high school students for 9 years in Los Angeles and the Chicago area. Currently she is an associate professor of mathematics education at Indiana University-Bloomington. For the last 11 years, she has conducted research on how middle school students construct fractions knowledge, on relationships between middle school students’ fractions knowledge and algebraic reasoning, and on how teachers can learn to develop student-teacher relationships that meet cognitive and emotional needs of students and teachers. In her current project, she is investigating how to differentiate instruction for cognitively diverse middle school students (see, studying her own teaching as well as working with practicing teachers.

Dr. Anderson Norton
Anderson Norton, Ph.D

Dr. Anderson Norton is associate professor of mathematics education in the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech. His research focuses on building psychological models of students’ mathematical development, especially in the domain of fractions. For his efforts to communicate research implications for teaching, he was awarded the 2013 Early Career Award from the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.