USMRC RTI Recognition

USMRC's Math Recovery® program recognized by the National Center on Response to Intervention: Math Recovery® is honored to have been listed on the National Center on Response to Intervention web site as an instructional intervention tool. The National Center on RTI publishes this list to assist educators and families in becoming informed consumers who can select instructional intervention programs that best meet their individual needs. Math Recovery® was approved by the Center after having undergone a rigorous technical review committee process. The Center's Technical Review Committee (TRC) on Instructional Intervention independently established a set of criteria for evaluating the scientific rigor of studies demonstrating the efficacy of instructional intervention programs.

This recognition speaks to USMRC's continued investment in children's education and is a tribute to the dedicated professionals within our organization.

The Center defines instructional interventions as follows: Additional or alternative instructional intervention programs to the core curriculum conducted in small groups or individually with evidence of efficacy for improving academic outcomes for students whose performance is unsatisfactory in the core program. Technical Review committee Process: The National Center on Response to Intervention has established a standard process to evaluate the scientific rigor of commercially available tools and interventions that can be used in an RTI context. The review process consists of five steps: (1) Submission from Vendors; (2) First- and Second-Level Review; (3) Interim Communication with Vendors; (4) Third-Level Review; (5) Finalization and Publication of Results.

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