USRMC Seeks Employees for Minnesota Office

Dear US Math Recovery® Council Members,

We are looking forward to a delightfully busy summer schedule! The response to Summer Institute trainings for Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists and AVMR Champions is impressive, and we continue to support our mission and transform numeracy education. Many districts and regions are busy partnering with USMRC to provide professional development more locally for educators as well. The enthusiasm is contagious and we thank you for being ambassadors of Math Recovery® programs.

Later this summer US Math Recovery® will be relocating to Minnesota. Our goal is to maintain high quality, uninterrupted services and professional development throughout the move and beyond. In preparation, we are seeking to fill 3 full-time positions and a part-time position as well. Please find the employment postings for Training and Events Director, Operations Director, Office Administrator, and Operations Assistant.

We are particularly interested in hiring someone with a strong understanding of and commitment to Math Recovery® as the Training and Events Director. If you are interested in any of the positions or know someone who would be outstanding, we welcome your application. Please find the postings on our website Submit Letters of Application and resumes to

Thank you for your continued dedication to mathematics education!

Carolyn K. Olijnek
CEO, US Math Recovery® Council

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