Unveiling Our New Handbook Design

US Math Recovery's® handbooks have a new look, while offering the same great learning potential inside. SNAP, Add+VantageMR® Course One and Two, and Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist Teacher Handbooks will soon feature a new cover design that makes it easier for teachers to identify the correct resource at a glance. The backs of each handbook will include US Math Recovery Council's® mission statement and a course summary.

Each handbook is color-coded, with a common theme to create a professional appearance that reflects the complimentary nature of the assessments and teaching among the programs. The SNAP Facilitator, AVMR Champion, and MRIS Leader Guides coordinate with their respective teacher handbooks, yet are distinguishable by their subtle coloration.

With Relentless Curiosity, Open the Doors

The whimsical door theme affirms mathematics as the pathway to better opportunities for children and Math Recovery® as the key to unlocking the potential and possibilities within each child. Each door is unique, as is each child. Teaching and learning require active, intentional involvement, and we may need to look behind several doors before discovering the journey that will accelerate the advancement of a child's mathematical thinking and success.

With relentless curiosity, we invite you to open the doors. Through your persistence and inquisitive pursuit of understanding, you do make a difference in transforming numeracy education!

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