We're Hiring: Instructional Coaches

Dear Members of the Math Recovery® Community,

During the February Board of Directors meeting, we discussed four mission-related goals surrounding our service to members:

  • Provide ongoing support for Math Recovery® educators, both at the classroom and leadership levels
  • Provide regular time for evaluation, edits and revisions of Math Recovery® programs and materials
  • Connect research and program development with the training and consulting expertise
  • Focus on growth potential, outreach, and client service

In keeping with our mission, the Board of Directors approved the posting of two Instructional Coach positions. These will be full-time positions that involve delivery of our programs, once or twice per month, with the remainder of the time spent in support of our members and math community and working on program revisions and new program development.

Please see the job description on our website at www.mathrecovery.org/employment. Submit Letters of Application and resumes to employment@mathrecovery.org. We plan to begin review of applicants the week of March 24, with a negotiable start date.

We hope to see you at the conference in May. Thank you for your continued dedication to mathematics education!

Kind regards,
Carolyn Olijnek
US Math Recovery Council® Chief Executive Officer

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