New Address

US Math Recovery® Council
14665 Galaxie Avenue, Suite 200
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Office Phone: 952-683-1521
Fax: 952-683-1525

To contact any employee, please call 952-683-1521. A message to help direct your call will be available. You may also enter a person’s extension at any time.

Staff Phone Directory:
x207 - Breneman, Vicki (Training Inquiries)
x204 - Budin, Erin (Operations and Billing Inquiries)
x206 - Finley, Jessica (Instructional Coach)
x205 - Gabrielson, Mollie (Instructional Coach)
x203 - Jobin, Lisa (Product Vendor Inquiries)
x201 - Johnson, Cindy (Customer Service/Order Inquiries)
x202 - Miller, Christina (Program and Research Inquiries)
x200 - Olijnek, Carolyn (CEO/ED)

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