Announcing Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom

US Math Recovery® is proud to announce Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom as the latest addition to US Math Recovery® course offerings!

Be the first to experience Add+VantageMR® Fractions through this one-time-only course and conference package. Participate in virtual learning prior to the conference, attend the pre-conference day, and continue the learning post conference through virtual learning to complete the Add+VantageMR® Fractions course. As a one-time bonus, this course will include full conference registration! Hear keynote presentations from long time Math Recovery® authors, Robert Wright and Jim Martland as well as Developing Fractions Knowledge authors Amy Hackenberg and Anderson Norton.

As a part of the Fractions Course you will learn about how students reorganize their ways of working with whole numbers to meaningfully work with fractions. Participants will learn to administer and analyze two assessments and to put instructional tasks and sequences into practice during the course. Course materials will include Developing Fractions Knowledge from SAGE Publishing, assessment materials, and instructional settings.

Space: Limited to the first 100 participants

Pre-requisites: None

Cost: $995, which includes the entire Fractions Course & full Conference and Pre-Conference Registration

Time Commitment: Overall time commitment will be similar to the time commitment of existing 4-day courses. There will be virtual and/or online modules from mid-September to October 24, 2016 (Pre-conference day). October 24 will be a full day of face-to-face instruction followed by virtual/online modules after October 24. Exact dates and times will be determined by July 1, 2016. Multiple dates and times will be offered to provide participants a variety of choices for the course sessions prior to and following the conference.

Course Requirements: Access to video record assessment and instruction with a small group of 2-3 students within 3rd-8th grade. (Participants will be asked to facilitate 5 sequential lessons with the small group of students.)

Specific needs for virtual learning experiences before and after the pre-conference day:

  • Access to a computer
  • Access to high speed internet (connecting directly to Internet is preferred)
  • Headphones

*Attendance at all class sessions is required to successfully complete the fractions course.

Registration: Registration will open with Conference Registration in early April and is open to the first 100 participants. We will have a waiting list in the event that an early registrant is unable to attend. The announcement will be published in our e-newsletter and on our website with the conference information.

A fully online fractions course will be offered again in November/December 2016 at the full fractions course price. (Exact pricing TBD and will be consistent with current out-of-district course pricing.)

A Fractions Leader Course will be offered in early 2017 for current Leaders and Champions. Attendance at a fractions course is a pre-requisite to the Fractions Leader Course. Beginning in 2017, the Fractions Course is available for purchase. Districts with current Leaders and Champions can begin ordering course kits upon completion of the Fractions Leader course.

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