Math Recovery® Intervention Student Data

Thank you for using the online student data entry system and supporting the work of Math Recovery®! This database will generate information for schools and districts as they continue to offer multiple levels of supports in the area of mathematics. Collecting data on counterpart students will generate additional options for data analysis and will be useful information for school districts across the country.

What is a counterpart student?

A counterpart student has a student assessment profile similar to students receiving Math Recovery® intervention yet is not serviced through Math Recovery® intervention. Counterpart students are assessed at the beginning of the school year in the initial pool of students and then again when assessments are being conducted at the end of a cycle.

Online data collection has made it easier to include information about counterpart students. Student numbers for counterparts follow a similar format to students serviced in Math Recovery® intervention. Details concerning counterpart student numbers are now included by clicking on the information button on the student data entry page.

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