Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice: Empowering Educators

In a survey conducted by Castle Worldwide on behalf of the US Math Recovery Council®, course participants rave about the content, ability to practice and apply learning, increased understanding of student development, and the quality of instructors. Join our conversations by sharing your story or by participating in our monthly Twitter Chat (to resume September 20).

Please share your data and stories with us. To submit a narrative response or story, email Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists may enter their student data online directly into their Math Recovery® accounts at

Read what course participants are saying…

“Math Recovery and all of the other AVMR classes have made me a better teacher and coach because I gained knowledge that really depicts how children learn math and makes sense to me. Looking forward to the fraction course.” Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist, MA

“These AVMR courses provide us with such valuable information about what students need as foundational skills. Determining the construct of a student allows teachers to meet the needs of students exactly where they are, and we were given the tools and materials to execute it immediately in our classroom with our students. The benefit of these courses cannot be overstated.” AVMR Course 2, WA

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