The US Math Recovery Council is Hiring!

The US Math Recovery Council® is looking for individuals who are dedicated to learning and to our non-profit mission. Visit the employment tab on our website for a full listing of job descriptions for current open positions.

Our main openings at this time are for Instructional Coaches. As part of our implementation team, coaches deliver and support Math Recovery® trainings. Between trainings, our coaches actively work with children and teachers to support their learning and the learning of members of the Math Recovery® community. For employment consideration, designation as a Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist is required, while MR Leader and AVMR Champion are preferred. We welcome these future employees at our Minnesota office location; however, they may home office and collaborate virtually. Please see the job description for more details.

We appreciate the roles each of you play in growing the mission and reach of Math Recovery® in the United States. Join our dynamic team!

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