November 2016 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery Council® Members,

This year’s conference theme “Continuous Learning: Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice” reflects our on-going commitment to professional growth. A HUGE thank you to our featured speakers Dr. Bob Wright, Mr. James Martland, Dr. Anderson Norton, Dr. Amy Hackenberg, and Ms. Lucinda “Petey” MacCarty. What a thrill to have so many authors with us! Thank you to our member speakers, board, staff, and all who supported our conference learning. We appreciate contributions from SAGE Publishing and Corwin Press for their sponsorship of our opening reception and drawings. Congratulations to James Martland, our 2016 Pioneer Award Recipient!

The US Math Recovery Council® invites you to connect the dots between fractions research and practice in our Add+VantageMR® Fractions Course. In the design of this course, we not only bring fractions research to life, but also connect research about well-designed professional development and distance learning to offer a blended course with sustained practice and implementation throughout the course.

In order to offer continuous learning opportunities, our instructional team is creating and providing additional supports after training. Our staff supports new Champions and Leaders with MRLCs (Math Recovery® Learning Communities), providing cohorts to enhance content and pedagogical knowledge and to assist with logistical training questions. In addition, the first electronic professional development support module launched this month in ConnectMR. The Structuring Support Sessions are available to anyone with a current membership who has taken either Add+VantageMR® Course 1 or Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist. While the support sessions extend and reinforce an individual’s learning, they also provide a platform for teams to continue learning and apply the research to their own practices. More support sessions will follow for a variety of groups.

Thank you for your dedication to continuous learning!

To curiosity and learning,

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