Math Recovery® Course Certifications Awarded

Congratulations to the following individuals for their continuing dedication to numeracy education!

The Math Recovery® Leader Course is a year-long professional development opportunity. This course begins with six days of coursework, followed by on-going support throughout the year. The course culminates with a capstone project highlighting all aspects of Math Recovery® leadership. This course helps Leaders develop the knowledge and skills required for facilitating in-district Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist courses, MRIS coaching, and on-going MRIS support.

Congratulations to the following individuals who received Math Recovery® Leader certification in 2016:

  • Shelley Dickson
  • Jennifer Egen
  • Kim Fox
  • Kristin Frang
  • Kory Obenshain
  • Lisa Riggs
  • Jennifer Scholla

Add+VantageMR® Champion course focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate and support Add+VantageMR® Course 1 and Add+VantageMR® Course 2 in a district. The AVMR® Champion course requires participating in an initial 5-day course, followed by actively contributing within Champion Learning Community meetings throughout the school year. Champion Learning Communities allow new Champions the chance to regularly share ideas, discuss issues and connect with their instructor through an online environment. The Champion course is the beginning of supporting Math Recovery® programs in a district.

Congratulations to the following individuals who received Add+VantageMR® Champion designation in 2016:

  • Melinda Albrecht
  • Aaron Bieniek
  • Beth Brady
  • Ashlyn Burr
  • Cyndi Cantwell
  • Carrie Carlson
  • Amy Chang
  • Trisha Dunn
  • Jennifer Egen
  • Mary Ellen Karnes
  • Jamie Elliott
  • Deb Florek
  • Linda Funsch
  • Celeste Gable
  • Melissa Goodacre
  • Paige Grooms
  • Jackie Herrmann
  • Mary Lambert
  • Lisa Lamothe
  • Corey Lee
  • Kimberly Liermann
  • Robin Madison
  • Bethany Neel
  • Emily O'Brien
  • Angela Ogilvie
  • Lisa Prechtl
  • Elizabeth Pretel
  • Jodi Redman
  • Shelly Starnes
  • Judy Wheeler
  • Karla Winter
New Leaders

New Leaders (l to r Christina Miller, Kory Obenshain, Kristin Frang, Dr. Robert Wright, Shelley Dickson, Kim Fox, Jennifer Egen,
Petey MacCarty, not pictured Jenni Scholla and Lisa Riggs)

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