March 2017 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery Council® Members,

Last year more that 5,600 educators participated in Math Recovery® courses across the United States. We consistently hear raving feedback about the high-quality training and instructors, about the models that provide a framework for educators to understand mathematical development, and about the assessments that help teachers understand their students’ mathematical strengths and needs for the first time. Not only are the educators growing in their ability to understand mathematics assessment and instruction, but they are also growing in their ability to understand math content.

A Michigan Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant, entitled Supporting Implementation of Math Recovery® Professional Development and led by Kristin Frang, quantifies the educator and student growth. We invite you to read through their findings under the “How It Works” tab on the website.

Across the Atlantic, our friends in the East Lothian authority in Scotland are also drinking the Math Recovery® Kool-Aid. In February, James Martland, Dr. Anderson Norton, Pia Hansen and I had the opportunity to speak to more than 600 Scottish educators and to work with their leadership team as they develop signposts for the teaching and learning of mathematics. Those signposts are based upon the Guiding Principles and Dimensions of Mathematizing. Dr. Bob Wright worked with the leadership team in late October, and what an honor to continue that work and tour a Scottish school!

Wishing you a productive and enjoyable spring time.

Warm wishes,


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