April 2017 Letter from Christina Miller

Dear US Math Recovery Council® Members,

Today, I am writing this letter to membership as the newly appointed US Math Recovery Council® Interim Executive Director. I will be replacing Carolyn Olijnek’s position. For nearly four years Carolyn served the US Math Recovery Council® (USMRC) and the mathematics education community as Chief Executive Officer. Carolyn has decided to seek her next challenge and is no longer with the organization. All of us at US Math Recovery® wish her the very best as we know she will approach her new endeavors with dedication and passion.

During the past four years, so much has been accomplished as a team.

  • Doubled the annual number of educators served
  • Strengthened USMRC’s financial position with investments in mission-related activities, cost savings, as well as a 78% increase in annual revenues and a four-fold increase in net assets
  • Transformed USMRC from an organization run by contracted management services to one run by dedicated, mission-focused employees with clean financial audits and a restructured business model and course delivery system for increased effectiveness and fidelity
  • Re-engaged key authors in our international Math Recovery® community and fostered relationships with new authors and researchers
  • Developed USMRC’s first blended learning course and expanded our course offerings to include USMRC-developed Add+VantageMR® Fractions
  • Connected mathematics educators across the United States and internationally by focusing on the educator and child, while connecting research with practice and presenting to state, national, and international audiences

Each spring, April brings new beginnings to the world around us. As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers. Signs of spring in Minnesota include our local zoo’s annual zoo babies festivities and the outside scenery changes from white to brown to a view of vibrant color.

It has been a joy to most recently serve the organization as Professional Development Director. As a part of the Math Recovery® community for the past 11 years I have witnessed the work of Math Recovery® as a course participant, Board of Director member, consultant, and for the past four years a team member. I look forward to the road ahead as Interim Executive Director; to continuing the work of opening doors and transforming numeracy education! The financial and programmatic future of the US Math Recovery Council® is healthy and secure. Together, we create a vibrant path for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Please feel free to contact me with questions related to the leadership transition.

All the best,
Christina Miller, Interim Executive Director
US Math Recovery Council®

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