2017 Pioneer Award Recipient

Congratulations Les Steffe, Ph.D.! Dr. Steffe was presented the 2017 Pioneer Award at the National Math Recovery® Conference October 23-26 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Within the Math Recovery community, Dr. Steffe is known for his writings about children's counting types and construction of arithmetical strategies as a result of his ground-breaking work involving teaching experiments with children. His 1988 and 1983 publications inspired the development of addition and subtraction progressions within the Learning Framework in Number. His work has further inspired the recent publication Developing Fractions Knowledge by Amy Hackenberg, Anderson Norton and Robert Wright and the Add+VantageMR® Fractions course. During the Pioneer Award presentation, Robert Wright, Anderson Norton and Amy Hackenberg shared personal experiences of Les Steffe's pioneering work in mathematics education.

Click here for a listing of publications and to read more about Les Steffe.

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