Voting for the US Math Recovery Council® is now open!

2019 Board Vote

The Board Development Committee, on behalf of the US Math Recovery® Board of Directors, is pleased to submit for your consideration and vote the 2019 slate comprised of five outstanding individuals who bring unique and diverse capabilities to the Board.

Each year the Board presents to US Math Recovery Council® members a slate of candidates to serve a three-year term on the USMRC Board of Directors, and each director can serve up to 2 terms in a row. All members of the US Math Recovery Council® are eligible and encouraged to vote on the slate.

Voting will be open from March 5, 2019 through March 20, 2019. One vote is cast to either accept or reject the slate. Membership will vote either yes or no on the entire slate, not on individual candidates. Please log into your Math Recovery® account to cast your vote by visiting

Thank you for taking the time to vote!

After you cast your vote, you can also nominate someone, or yourself, for the 2020 USMRC Board slate.

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