Create An In-District Evaluation Plan

Learn about how to conduct an evaluation of your Math Recovery initiatives! The US Math Recovery Council® is inviting you to join our second cycle of the Evaluation Special Interest Group (SIG) Cohort. This Evaluation SIG Cohort is currently provided by USMRC at no charge.

The Evaluation SIG is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities including webinars, discussion boards, and web resources such as exemplars, templates, Math Recovery protocols, and readings in order to conduct evaluations of Math Recovery program implementations around teacher effectiveness and student outcomes. These learnings can be applied to future program evaluation as well.

"Our district's involvement in the Math Recovery Evaluation SIG has been beyond valuable in our own evaluation of the impact of Math Recovery and AVMR. The resources and support provided have empowered us to gather teacher data and report on best practices to our key stakeholders. The connections we have made between school districts have pushed our own thinking on how we can measure the success of this professional development. We look forward to using this data to continue to move our students and teachers forward in their understanding of math!"
- Rachel Kozicke, Numeracy Coach
Public Schools of Waukesha, WI

Participants will be encouraged to select one of their own Math Recovery implementations to evaluate as an Evaluation SIG project. As participants learn in a supportive environment over an extended period, they will apply the evaluation principles to their own evaluation project. At the end of the cycle, the goal is for participants to have a completed evaluation report they may share with funders and stakeholders in their districts.

The Evaluation SIG Cohort will be led by Dr. Pam Tabor, Research & Evaluation Specialist for the US Math Recovery Council.

Evaluation SIG Cohort Requirements:

  • Evaluation SIG Cohort participation is approximately 15-18 months long
  • Participants must read Assessing Impact, 3rd edition by Joellen Killion
  • Attend monthly SIG Cohort team meetings, approx 90 mins per month.
    • Every First Thursday of the Month, beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern.
    • First meeting is September 2
  • Asynchronous time commitment will vary depending on each participant's evaluation project, but will typically be several hours each month.

Note: Teams comprised of varying roles from a district have proven to be an effective model and are encouraged.

"The USMRC Evaluation SIG has been instrumental in helping understand evaluation tools and how these tools can help understand the impact Math Recovery training is having on teacher effectiveness and student outcomes. The sharing and discussions around evaluation tools that members of the group were developing and using has been invaluable. I am looking forward to the next steps my team will be taking in creating a tool that will guide us in our Math Recovery implementation journey."
- Kim Hagman, District Math Coach/Title I Facilitator
Spokane Public Schools, WA

The deadline to join the Evaluation SIG Cohort is August 30, 2021.

For more information or to join, email Dr. Pam Tabor:

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