Math Talk features USMRC's Marria Carrington

Marria Carrington, Lead Outreach Specialist at the US Math Recovery Council®, was featured as a guest on All Learners Network Math Talk podcast. Dr. John Tapper and TJ Jemison discussed Equity in Math instruction and intervention on the third episode of season three. You can listen to this podcast by clicking here, to visit the All Learners Network podcast episode 3 featuring Marria Carrington.

About Marria

Marria Carrington

For 4 years, Marria served as an Instructional Coach and a Client and Services Specialist for the last year. Her current role supports teachers as well as the system they teach in to transform numeracy education.

Throughout her 27 years in education, she has assumed a variety of educational positions including 3rd and 4th grade teacher, high school math teacher, K-8 Math Coach, Supervisor of Student Teachers for Smith College, Adjunct Professor for Lesley University and Regional Math Specialist for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts.

Marria is passionate about empowering teachers to understand how children make sense of mathematics and how to move each child forward in their mathematical understanding as well as building a system that supports teachers doing that work. Marria holds a B.A. in Arabic Studies from Mount Holyoke College, a M. Ed. in Elementary Education from Smith College and a M. Ed. in Mathematics Education from Lesley University, respectively.

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