USMRC Author Featured on MathTalk

MathTalk Podcast

Dawn Dibley, Course and Implementation Specialist at the US Math Recovery Council®, was featured as a guest on All Learners Network Math Talk podcast. The podcast answers listeners’ questions about online lessons, math learning and the meaning of life. During the season 2, episode 10 of ALN Math Talk, TJ Jemison and John Tapper chatted with Dawn Dibley about her new book, "Numeracy For All Learners." Check out the podcast by clicking here.

MathTalk Podcast

About Dawn

Dawn Dibley, a special educator with thirty years of experience as a music therapist, classroom teacher and mathematics coach is an instructional coach for the US Math Recovery Council®. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and Master’s degrees in Music Therapy and Developmental Cognitive Disabilities from the University of Minnesota. She is interested in the use of Math Recovery® assessments and teaching practices in the instruction of students with disabilities.

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