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To submit a narrative response or story, email Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists may enter their student data online directly into their Math Recovery® accounts at

Read what course participants are saying…

"This course was beyond any other math intervention courses I have taken. I was trained in First Steps and did not find it useful for a Resource program. I feel that all the assessments and activities provided in this training will be easy to implement in my program." -AVMR 1, WA

"AVMR gives me an in-depth look into each student's math abilities. It will have a great personal impact on each of my struggling math students." -AVMR 1, TX

"These AVMR courses provide us with such valuable information about what students need as foundational skills. Determining the contract a student is in allows for teachers to meet the needs of students exactly where they are at and we were given the tools and materials to execute it immediately in our classroom with our students. The benefit of these courses cannot be overstated." -AVMR2, WA

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