Region 4 Mathematics Conference in Houston

Region 4 Mathematics Conference

US Math Recovery Council was thrilled to join other mathematics educators in Houston, Texas for the 1-day conference on January 21. The Region 4 Mathematics Conference focuses on creating meaningful mathematics experiences and effective learning possibilities for every math student.

The Conference features mini-sessions that provide tools such as strategies that include all learners, technology-based activities, and classroom-ready activities that bridge concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations of key mathematics concepts.

USMRC had two featured presenters at the conference in Thuc-Khanh Park, Math Recovery Specialist, and Marria Carrington, Lead Outreach and Sales Specialist.

  • Mentally Adding and Subtracting with Regrouping with Thuc-Khanh Park
  • Beyond Fluency to 20 with Marria Carrington
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