Add+VantageMR® Champion

Develop local leadership to empower educators

About This Course

The Champion course blends face to face and virtual professional development, as participants learn how to deliver and support Add+VantageMR® Course 1 and Course 2. Add+VantageMR® Champions focus on how educators can apply Math Recovery® principles to classroom mathematics instruction.

Who is this course for?

Add+VantageMR® Champion is designed to develop a local Champion who will plan, deliver, and support Add+VantageMR® professional development. Participants must have completed Add+VantageMR Course 1, Course 2, and the Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist certification prior to the start of the Add+VantageMR® Champion course.

One Year of Professional Development

The Add+VantageMR® Champion course consists of 5 days of face to face professional development and regularly scheduled virtual meetings. Participants receive on-going professional development and support throughout the school year, as they deliver the course and support their Add+VantageMR® participants.

In order to become a certified Add+VantageMR® Champion, you must first complete Add+VantageMR® Course 1, Add+VantageMR® Course 2, and Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist certification.

Backed By Research

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development show significant improvement in instructional decision making based on student actions and explanations.

After watching two short videos of students participating in math activities, teachers responded to, "What would you say and do to help the student develop understanding of the mathematics in this situation?"4 Results found that teachers made improvements in their ability to provide helpful suggestions to students.

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Attend Add+VantageMR® Champion

$5,000 per participant
  • Delivered by US Math Recovery®
  • One Year of Professional Development
  • Face to Face
  • Virtual Collaboration & Professional Development
  • On-going Support Options Available

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