Mentally Adding and Subtracting with Regrouping: Developing Conceptual Understanding

Empower your students with the knowledge and understanding behind adding and subtracting with regrouping. Start with a context-based task using a setting such as base-ten dot materials or a 100-bead string. Leveraging a setting’s specific features will engender the mental strategies needed for adding and subtracting multi-digits. If you left Marria Carrington’s presentation Beyond Fluency to 20: The Power of Intentional Sequences to Build Fluency in Addition and Subtraction to 100 from the August 2021 Math Summit yearning for more, come back, and we will continue and add to the conversation. We will unpack what we mean when we say at Math Recovery® teaching is all about having the right task, for the right student, at the right time. This work is based on Dr. Robert Wright’s research and accompanying text, Developing Number Knowledge: Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7 – 11-Year-Olds.

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Thuc-Khanh Park

Thuc-Khanh Park

Thuc-Khanh Park is a Course and Implementation Specialist with the US Math Recovery Council®. With 20 years of experience in K-12 public education, she has been a middle school teacher, a third-grade teacher, and an elementary math specialist and interventionist. Thuc-Khanh has a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University and has been part of the USMRC full-time for a year and a half. Thuc-Khanh is excited to work with educators all across the country, advancing mathematical thinking one student at a time.

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