Understanding Multiplication and Division of Fractions Conceptually

This session will unpack strategies to support students conceptually understanding multiplication and division of fractions. We will engage in rich mathematical tasks, watch students solve the same tasks and discuss how task selection can impact conceptual understanding. Participants will leave with engaging tasks to supplement core curriculum materials. If you know the algorithms and want a deeper understanding of why they work for you and your students, this session is for you.

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Christy Lyle

Christy Lyle

Christy Lyle is a Course and Implementation Specialist for the US Math Recovery Council®. Her 24 years in public education included teaching high school biology in Colorado, secondary mathematics and science in rural Alaska, and curriculum work in Kodiak. Despite initially believing she was not a ‘math person’, Christy taught middle school mathematics for 13 years. Thanks to skillful coaches and mentors, she grew as a mathematician and a mathematics educator, ultimately completing a master's degree in mathematics instruction through Lesley University, Boston MA. Math Recovery Training allowed Christy to take on the role of Mathematics Coordinator role in her district as an AVMR instructor and instructional coach. She also served as Adjunct Faculty in the mathematics department of Kodiak College, University of Alaska. Christy is excited to work with your district as you begin your own journey into the Math Recovery world!

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