Helping Students Develop and Progress with Number Words & Numerals Workshop

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May 2021 Starts Ends Virtual
Thursday, May 6, 2021 03:00 PM (Central) 04:30 PM (Central) Yes

Workshop Details

Instruction with Number Words and Numerals (NWN) can be daunting. This 90-minute interactive session will further explore NWN learning and instruction providing you with instructional strategies, activities and tips using various settings. The significant role NWN plays in Addition & Subtraction, Place Value and Multiplication & Division will be a focus in discussions. Settings with the support of videos, learning trajectories and how we involve progressive mathematization to enhance learning and instruction will be examined. By the end of the workshop, it is our goal to re-energize and replenish your toolkit for NWN instruction!

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  1. Add+VantageMR® 1

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  1. Add+VantageMR® 1 Virtual

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