Math Recovery® has helped to develop my mathematical understanding as an educator. It has given me the ability to broaden and deepen my understanding of how children think, why children begin to develop misconceptions, and what to do to help them. I have watched the youngest of learners grow and begin to explore their thinking and understanding. Math is no longer just about counting to ten for my students it is about what that really means to them. It is so exciting to watch a kindergarten student be able to add numbers and explain this magical mathematical thinking. Without the confidence and background Math Recovery® gave me I would never have been able to open these new doors for these students.
Amy James
Lisa Mesple I was a math major in college and have a Masters degree in math education, yet I found there were many times when I knew a student was struggling but didn't know specifically what to do to help them! After going through AVMR training, I felt like I could identify why a student was struggling as well as how to help him or her through that struggle to perform at grade level. This was the first time in 20 years of teaching that I knew I could support all of my students!
Lisa Mesple
Christina Miller I am a different educator because of the knowledge I now have and the relationships that I’ve developed while involved with the Math Recovery® program. I have had the opportunity to use Math Recovery® teaching techniques with children from kindergarten through fourth grade. I’ve watched a group of students break down their barrier to learning mathematics. I’ve watched early learners gain confidence and understanding to take back with them into a first and third grade classroom. Fourth graders that have already determined that math is not for them have thrived and connected symbolic notation with mathematical understanding. Math Recovery® is a complete package!
Christina MillerRosemount, Minnesota
I would encourage any educator who teaches mathematics to young children to check out this program because there simply isn’t another one like it. It works! I now know that young children are capable of working with larger numbers than I ever imagined. Using SNAP assessments, I’ve seen my students develop in-depth understanding of critical early math concepts and leave my classroom as confident young mathematicians.
Judi MaynardSouth Burlington Vermont School District