Congratulations to the 2022 Educator Award Winner...

Shelly Dickson

The US Math Recovery® Educator Award honors individuals who have demonstrated highly effective mathematics teaching, learning, and engagement with students and other educators. Honorees have dedicated service to their school, community and/or the US Math Recovery Council®, and have a significant commitment to their own professional growth.

Shelley Dickson personifies the intent of the USMRC Educator Award. Shelley’s passion for effective math instruction that supports students, families, educators, her district, her state, and the broader Math Recovery® community has led her to learn all she can about math instruction, and to share that learning with others. By having trained and supported over 700 educators in at least one Math Recovery® course, Shelley has made a significant impact on mathematics teaching and learning in Fayette County, Kentucky and beyond. Shelley’s willingness to be supportive to all in any way she can, makes her a highly sought after resource within the district. She routinely supports classroom instruction and provides intensive Math Recovery® 1-on-1 intervention. Shelley is actively finding ways to support standards, assessments, and high-quality instruction, always putting student numeracy learning at the forefront.

Congratulations Shelley! We are proud to honor your achievements! Nominations for the 2023 award will open April 1.

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