Math Recovery® Giving Back

Tuition Assistance & Recognition Awards from US Math Recovery Council®

The US Math Recovery Council® Board of Directors proudly honors mathematics educators through eight sponsored awards for those new to Math Recovery®, those looking to support ongoing Math Recovery® professional development, and for honoring those who are doing exceptional work in the mathematics education.

Tuition Assistance Awards: for those new to Math Recovery®

Math Recovery® Specialist, Part 1 Immersion Award

Application Closes 02/16/2021

Send an individual to the Math Recovery® Specialist, Part 1 course.

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Fractions Add+VantageMR® Exploratory Award

Application Closed

Send an individual to the Add+VantageMR® Fractions course.

Course 1 Add+VantageMR® Exploratory Award

Award closed for 2020

Send an individual to an AddVantageMR® Course 1.

Recognition Awards

Educator Award

Application Closes 10/08/2020

Nominate an individual passionate about math education and implementing Math Recovery® professional development, assessment and teaching.

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