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US Math Recovery® Welcomes New Employees!

US Math Recovery® is pleased to announce some additions to our team this fall.

Dale Loomer is our Finance and Operations Manager. Dale is an accountant who handles and oversees...

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Math Recovery® Course Certifications Awarded

Congratulations to the following individuals for their continuing dedication to numeracy education.

The Math Recovery® Leader Course is a yearlong professional development course that begins with six days...

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November 2015 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery® Members,

My junior high math teacher told our group of adolescents that, while time may seem to pass slowly at our age, the older you get,...

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November 2015 Letter from the Board Chair

Dear Membership,

Simply put, best USMRC Conference to date! This was my fourth USMRC Conference, and I cannot remember one being so positively charged. The work that Carolyn, Lisa, Cindy,...

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2015 US Math Recovery® Conference a Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 US Math Recovery® Conference in Raleigh, NC. We all learned so much from the presenters and members of the Math Recovery® community.

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2015 Pioneer Award Presented to Ann Stafford-Dillon

The 2015 USMRC Annual Conference was a very special event this year as Ann Stafford-Dillon received the Pioneer Award for her contributions to the field of numeracy. Ann has been...

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Renew your Math Recovery® Specialist, Math Recovery® Leader, and Add+VantageMR® Champion Certifications

Track and update your certifications in your Account Dashboard

What qualifies as a Continuing Education requirement?

  1. Attend a Math Recovery® Conference
  2. Participate in a Math Recovery® sponsored event
  3. ...
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The US Math Recovery Council® Annual Conference on October 27-29, is just weeks away!

The US Math Recovery Council® Annual Conference on October 27-29, is just weeks away!

There is still time to attend as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of transforming numeracy education...

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Nominations Accepted for the Board of Directors

The US Math Recovery Council's® process for filling open positions on our Board of Directors is to seek nominations from the membership in order to create a voting slate that...

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