Stuck in the World of Repeated
Addition and Subtraction?

Exploring How to Develop Multiplicative Strategies
Through Units Coordination and
Prioritizing Number Relationships

Are your students stuck in the world of repeated addition and subtraction? While the idea of repeated addition and subtraction is certainly a significant part of multiplicative reasoning, the transition from counting-based strategies to multiplicative structuring and strategies is a crucial driving force towards developing a rich understanding of number relationships and conceptual fluency. Units coordination are instrumental in providing children opportunities to develop structures and ways of seeing mathematical concepts that will build bridges towards developing rich, meaningful and flexible mental strategies for multiplication and division.

Together, we will explore an intentional trajectory of units coordination and prioritizing number relationships in order to develop flexible mental strategy-based approaches which highlight number relationships. The goal is to equip students with a strong number sense foundation that serves as a catalyst for larger values. This progression will provide opportunities to explore fundamental number concepts, deepen math reasoning, and encourage strategic thinking.

Thank you for your interest in the session! For Build Math Minds members, the session will be available to view until July 2022. A download the handouts for this session are below.

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Dina Mendola

Dina Mendola is an Instructional Coach at the US Math Recovery Council®. Throughout her 27 years in education, she has assumed a variety of educational positions including Mathematics Educator, Gifted and Talented District Coordinator, Math Specialist, Interventionist, Co-District Math Coordinator and Instructional Coach.

In her role with the US Math Recovery Council®, Dina actively works to share her passion of supporting teachers as they put mathematical research into practice with the implementation of effective instructional practices and increased knowledge of mathematical pedagogy.

Dina holds a M.Ed. and a B.A. in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics from Aurora University and the University of Oshkosh-Wisconsin, respectively. In addition, she obtains post-master certifications of Instructional Mentoring and Common Core Leadership in Mathematics.

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